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What We’ve Learned From Sending 306,660 Cold Emails For 108 Startups

Leo Polovets’ Notes from Priceonomics Conference (Content Marketing tips)

Many recos for email list software in this thread –


Dotmailer, Active Campaign, Hubspot, Aweber, AgileCRM, Convertkit, Campaign Monitor, Sendgrid, Watson from IBM, email octopus, Mailer Lite, Adestra, Canva, Zoho Campaigns, MailKing, Sendinblue, Themeisle, Constant Contact, Pardot, Infusionsoft, Emma, Seventh Sense, YMLP, Klaviyo,

Convertkit maybe used by @edwardlatimore, @nabeelazeezofficial, @elalexander

27 Email Marketing Mistakes

1) Saying, “Email marketing is dead”

2) Wasting opportunities to link to your landing pages and opt-in forms from your social media accounts.

3) Posting frequently on social media but rarely asking people to subscribe to your list.

4) Asking people to subscribe to your list without offering something of value in return (e.g. bonus content).

5) Offering an ebook as a bonus content (if you actually want the information to be consumed).

6) Setting up complex automation for a tiny mailing list (or obsessing about funnels and segmentation). (#7 is missing)

8) Rarely mailing your list (less than once a week).

9) Giving your readers too few opportunities to opt-in when they come to your website.

10) Not using a double-opt-in.

11) Asking readers to do anything else on your website other than subscribing to your email list.

12) Distracting readers by asking them to share posts and follow you on social media. (if it’s worth sharing they’ll share it manually).

13) Using Accelerated Mobile Pages on your website (much faster on mobile but you sacrifice a lot of conversions).

14) Only having one content offer.

15) Having too many content offers.

16) Not resending your email to people who didn’t open it the first time.

17) Not pruning your list every few months.

18) Listening to people who say, “No one reads long emails”.

19) Only using email as a broadcast/distribution channel (like social media).

20) Making them come back to your website to read a blog post when you can just put the whole post in your email.

21) Not learning how to write emails that persuade the reader to click through.

22) Buying a complex email software like Infusionsoft when you’re not ready for it.

23) Signing up for Mailchimp just because it’s free. (full disclosure: I have a free MailChimp account and still use it).

24) Writing weak copy on your landing pages and opt-in forms.

25) Not understanding email is the handwritten letter of our time.

26) Ignoring people who write you while you’re still a nobody and perfectly able to reply.

27) Never selling anything to your list.