Pain/Passion Niches, Giving Away Value

Tony Robbins interviewing Eben Pagan. Good stuff about the mindset of striving to get the worse side of a deal. For example creating a market by giving away some value, such as Chapter One of a course. A mindset of scarcity thinks “how can I get $1 from a million people.” A mindset of abundance thinks “how can I give $100 of value to a million people (and charge them $10)”.
The Pain/Passion niche discussion is about half way through, and talks about some propositions being of more emotional urgency than others, and how humans are most motivated by moving away from pain. And some pains have higher urgency than others. Accountants are more common than tax strategists.
1. “There’s gotta be pain and urgency, or irrational emotion”.
2. “Is my prospect proactively looking for solutions?”
Talking people into wanting what you are selling is hard work, and doesn’t really work well.
3. Does your prospect have few, or ideally zero, perceived options? Within a niche there will be a need that is unfulfilled and one’s business can be the only option. If you can get 3 yeses, it’s probably a good product.

Build a “list”. Customer list to build relationships and lifetime values. Has 10X’d his business. Treat them as individuals. Script out conversation with one customer. Avatars. Script out whole relationship, ie which conversations at which time. Automated emails, system manages itself.

Hiring/Firing. Hire slowly Fire quickly. Bad hires cost 8x their salary. Have a new hire send a daily update, an email including:
1. What I did today and results I got
2. Problems or challenges
3. Questions that I have for you
After 30 days you will know an incredible amount about the person.
Hire “Drivers”, who want more responsibility. Proactive, not reactive. Results orientation. Sense of personal responsibility, ownership. Also superstars want to change the world not just make more money.

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